I grew up thinking that everyone understood the value of community colleges. After all, in the early 1970’s, my father’s doctoral thesis was on the incredible possibilities of this radically new concept of education for the entire community. He spent his career at Waubonsee Community College in various roles as dean, teacher and administrator.  The community college was a part of our family's life every day.
     It was only as I grew older that I realized that many people have no concept of the role that community colleges can play in a community. They are different from junior colleges whose mission is to prepare students for a four year degree. While that can and should be a function of the community college, the role is much bigger.
     Every year, thousands of people pass through the doors of McHenry County College. Some are traditional students, but just as often, there are people seeking specific workplace skills, English language development, or an opportunity to learn something new.
     Each of these learning opportunities plays an important role in how our community functions. McHenry County College is well positioned to be nimble enough to address the changing needs of our community, and to grow in its capacity to serve as the education hub of McHenry County. I want to be a part of that continued growth and adaptability, while ensuring that MCC remains a good steward of the community dollars.

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